My New Chapter

I’m retired, now what

As I entered into a New Chapter in life, I wondered what I would do when I retired to still feel constructive and productive. I really enjoyed my jobs through the years and couldn’t imagine not having something to look forward to that would make me still feel active and a part of society, that would drive and push me on.

Something New

When Elizabeth mentioned starting a writer’s group, it sounded interesting. I thought I’d check it out and see if it might be something for me. I always have kept journals and love to do outlines. I had entertained the thought throughout my life that it would be great to have something published that would go beyond my years. My Grandfather and I had always talked about it because we shared a great love of reading. As I grew older and began having grandchildren, it even became a bigger desire to leave written words of hope for them. Life can have many tough times, and it always gave me such hope to read especially at those times. To get my focus on something, or to enjoy the story of someone else.

I wasn’t expecting this

It wasn’t long and I found myself going to meetings, writing, learning and looking forward to this new chapter in my life. Actually being published was an exciting adventure. Holding the book in my hand that I was a part of was so rewarding. It was like winning a prize. I felt so satisfied and accomplished. I thank God for having wonderful, positive things to write about. It has blessed me over and over to share the things that have inspired me. I couldn’t have imagined what it was like, or how awful it would have been to have missed this awesome opportunity.


Writer, Brenda Stroub, loves to share her faith in much of her writings and does so with passion and inspiration. Her words and positive expressions make her a delight to have in Shiawassee Area Writers. A favorite quote: I am living in the answer to my prayers.

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